At RJV Consulting, we can provide customized workshops and training to help your staff gain knowledge of key improvement strategies which form the basis of continuous improvement.


Continuous Improvement Basics

A 3 hour introductory programme covering the essentials of Lean and Six Sigma. This half-day programme is intended to provide an overview of the development of continuous improvement processes and to provide attendees with high-level knowledge of Lean and Six Sigma tools. At the end of this session, attendees will be aware of the history of continuous improvement and some of the basic tools and approaches commonly used to facilitate improvement work which they can use to begin to identify opportunities within their organizations.


Orientation to Quality

An 8 hour introduction to principles and commonly used Lean Six Sigma tools for leaders and frontline staff who will be engaged in continuous improvement roll-out. In addition to a brief overview of the history of continuous improvement, topics include Root Cause Analysis, Waste identification, Voice of the Customer, SIPOC, Value Stream Mapping, 5-S, Measurements, Visual Management and Waste Walks. At the conclusion of this session, attendees will have a basic understanding of some of the tools that can be used immediately to help identify and reduce waste and variation.


Lean Six Sigma Projects

For organizations wishing to develop greater internal capacity to manage improvement projects, our Green Belt Certification programme is well-suited for basic project assignments and includes elements of both Lean and Six Sigma as required. Along with training, we include a coaching component to help project leaders and teams stay on track. To support the project teams, we also strongly encourage engagement at the management and senior leadership level to assist with alignment of other processes and behaviours which can contribute to long-term success or failure of continuous improvement implementations.


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